The Wins Matter More Than the Losses

The betting web sites are a lot of fun to play, but I have a habit of making the wrong bets. I always bet on red when I should be betting on black. I always try to beat the dealer in blackjack with a hit, but always go over. I always go with the wrong hand in poker and lose to a higher one. The bets that I actually get right are the ones that have to do with sports. My favorite soccer teams has been on quite a win streak, and because of this, so have I. I’ve been betting a lot of money on their games, and it’s been making the losses that I’ve gotten from the other games seem irrelevant.

There’s a big soccer game coming up with weekend and I plan on making a huge bet on the game. If the team keeps up their win streak, then I’ll be able to make a big profit from them. They haven’t let me down so far, so I’m going to keep trusting them to win. My friend, who only makes small bets on games, thinks that I am pushing my luck and that it will catch up to me one day when the team finally loses a game, but I don’t think that will happen this time.

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