The Wins Matter More Than the Losses

The betting web sites are a lot of fun to play, but I have a habit of making the wrong bets. I always bet on red when I should be betting on black. I always try to beat the dealer in blackjack with a hit, but always go over. I always go with the wrong hand in poker and lose to a higher one. The bets that I actually get right are the ones that have to do with sports. My favorite soccer teams has been on quite a win streak, and because of this, so have I. I’ve been betting a lot of money on their games, and it’s been making the losses that I’ve gotten from the other games seem irrelevant.

There’s a big soccer game coming up with weekend and I plan on making a huge bet on the game. If the team keeps up their win streak, then I’ll be able to make a big profit from them. They haven’t let me down so far, so I’m going to keep trusting them to win. My friend, who only makes small bets on games, thinks that I am pushing my luck and that it will catch up to me one day when the team finally loses a game, but I don’t think that will happen this time.

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Tips for Choosing Hotels for Your Exciting Vacation

It’s time to take a break from the daily grind and refresh your brain and soul. Well, if you want to take a vacation, what do you think of first? The plane ticket that matches your savings? Hotel? Or a tourist destination? Yup, everything must be considered because everything is important.

Flight tickets are needed so you can arrive at your dream vacation spot. The purpose of the trip so that you are not confused about going anywhere. Then the hotel, so there is a comfortable place to stay. Not in a tent let alone rooms that are only roofed by the sky. But did you know that choosing a hotel for your vacation shouldn’t be haphazard?

You are probably one of the many people who are complicated about hotels. Always check prices first when you want to book a hotel. Can’t I do that? It’s okay, really. Who doesn’t like cheap hotels with good quality? only at Novotel you will get the sensation of staying with exceptional service, now Novotel has been in the state of happiness, starting with Yangon with its Novotel Yangon Max and Phuket Thailand with Novotel Phuket. But wait a minute! Consider the first 5 tips for choosing the best hotel below for a pleasant vacation. What is that?

1. Choose a hotel that is close to tourist attractions

If you visit a destination, you must have a vision of where you want to visit. Not possible if you already intend to rent a hotel in Myanmar, for example, but you have no idea what you want to visit.

Well, so no problem behind, it’s good if you are looking for a hotel that is close to the tourist attractions of your choice. For example, if you want to travel to Myanmar, you can choose hotels in Myanmar around Yangon. Apart from making you not tired on the road, renting a hotel close to the tourist location of your choice will make transportation money more efficient. Can be used for snacks or to buy souvenirs!

2. Pay attention to the type and class of hotel you rent

Nowadays, there are many types of hotels. One of the things you need to consider when booking a hotel is the type of hotel you rent.

In addition to being careful in observing the types of hotels, you also need to pay attention to the class of hotel that you rent. If you want to save money, you can choose a hotel for backpackers. For example hostels or guesthouses. If you want a more exclusive hotel, you can rent a five-star hotel. Besides the stars, you also need to determine the class of rooms you want to occupy. You can also choose a twin or double bedrooms. For twin beds, you will get a room with two beds. For a double bed, you will get a room with one king bed.

3. Note the Availability of Hotel Facilities

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Cat Ba Island, a New Destination in Vietnam Competitor Ha Long Bay

When mentioning tourist destinations in Vietnam, it is Ha Long Bay that most often appears. Ha, Long Bay is indeed the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam. But now travelers are starting to glance at the island next to it that is no less beautiful than Ha Long Bay and less touristy, namely Cat Ba Island.

Cat Ba Island is the largest island in Ha Long Bay. The island offers relaxing natural attractions such aas trekking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and playing on the beaches. On this island, there are many hotels, bars, restaurants that are all classified as very cheap.

Many hotels line the beach and the great hotel rates here are very cheap. One of the hotels visited by tourists while on vacation in Vietnam is French Village Danang.

Besides the hotel, there are many restaurants and bars around French Village Danang. One of the favorite bars of tourists near the French Village of Danang. Beer here is very cheap which is around 10,000 – 20,000 dong per glass. Very cheap right?

This beautiful island is 150 kilometers north of Hanoi. To travel there we need to take a travel tour package that is widely offered at hotels, hostels and travel agents in Hanoi. The duration of the tour can be chosen as desired, like 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights.

For a 2 day 1-night tour package it costs 500,000 dong which includes bus and round trip transportation, 1-night hotel including breakfast.

The bus will pick up tourists at strategic locations, for example in the Old Quarter and leave at 8 in the morning. The trip to the port takes about 4 hours. Arriving at the port, the tourists will be taken to a ship that is ready to depart for Cat Ba Island. After cruising for 30 minutes, we arrived at Cat Ba Island.

Cat Ba Island has been approved by the Vietnamese government as a national park and is recognized by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve The World since 5 years ago. The national park is in the north and center of the island while the southern part of the island called Cat Ba city is the center of tourism and a place for residents.

Cat Ba Island is arguably a paradise for nature lovers. We can choose the destinations we want to visit here, ranging from trekking and hiking in Cat Ba National Park, swimming in Lan Ha Bay and several other beaches, boating to Monkey Island, sailing to Ha Long Bay, playing canoeing, enjoying the beautiful limestone mountains. , or visit historic sites like Hospital Cave and Cannon Fort.

Also, if we want to explore Cat Ba Island, we can rent a motorbike with a cost of 100,000 dongs per 12 hours. Motorbikes can be rented at hotels or rental places in the city of Cat Ba.

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All About Thailand from Hotels to Religious Tourism Destinations

Bangkok in the eyes of Indonesian tourists is gaining popularity after people get bored with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Moreover AirAsia direct flights from Medan Bangkok are only around 2 hours . 

Arrive at the airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the country’s gateway to Bangkok. This airport is relatively new and large, but efficient. Signposts are clearly written in Thai and English.

Bangkok has several choices of transportation modes, ranging from taxis, city buses, tuk-tuks, ferry crossing rivers, to mass trains called BTS SkyTrain and MRT . But this time it was not discussed about transportation in Bangkok. Just a little sharing about vacation experiences to Bangkok.

Hotels in Bangkok

For hotel business, the rate is more or less the same as hotels in Indonesia, such as Jakarta or Medan. Hotels are arguably available very much in Bangkok, so the location is decisive.

1.    Ibis Bangkok Siam Hotel ( Recommended )

The location is almost exactly opposite the MBK Mall, really a plus point . Once shopping, full hands, just take it home to the hotel, then back again to MBK and ready to shop again.

But for backpackers who prefer hostels to hotels, Khao San Road has become an epicenter. The location is located north of the Grand Palace, lined with cheap lodging with a dormitory price of around USD 15 / person. On this street you can also find restaurants to souvernir sellers and Thai massages. To book online you can visit the Ibis Bangkok website at

2.    The Dynasty Hotel

The Dynasty Hotel is located in Ramkhamhaeng. Quite close to The Mall and Big C department stores, just a 10 minute walk from the hotel. And at night, just 5 minutes out of the hotel, you will find a place that looks like a night market. The difference is selling position is located along the road by utilizing the sidewalk. Ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, pins to food there are all at low prices and may be negotiable. The hotel is clean, comfortable and the most fun, the hotel is next to the ferry pier which likes to pass by to take tourists for water tours.

3.    Baiyoke Sky Hotel

If the purpose of coming to Bangkok is to shop, then the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the right choice. The location is very strategic, close to Pratunam Market , Platinum Fashion Mall and Pantip Plaza which can be reached on foot. The price of the room, including cheap for the size of a 4-star hotel. Looking for too much halal food around the hotel.

4.    Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam Hotel

The second choice hotel for tourists who come to Bangkok for shopping purposes. From the name, it was found out that the hotel is also located not far from Pratunam Market & Platinum Fashion Mall .

Bangkok Attractions

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Hotel Facilities Most Charged of Guests

People who do staycation usually deliberately choose to stay at a hotel with complete facilities where they will spend their vacation at the hotel.

Not only is it fun, but a staycation can also save your vacation budget and become a boredom remedy.

Talking about Hotel Facilities, look for the best hotel with complete facilities such as Boutique Hotel Saigon.

Well, here are some of the facilities targeted by hotel occupants, namely:

In general, in the hotel, there is more than 1 place to eat. There is the main restaurant, there is also a café or lounge. The restaurant inside the hotel is one of the facilities that is often hunted, both by hotel guests, as well as guests who do not stay at the hotel.

Diverse types of food, can eat as much as you want, and satisfying service is the main attraction to eat at the hotel.

Swimming pool

One of the most sought after facilities for hotel guests is the swimming pool. This facility is a bonus. So for your hotel occupants, you do not need to pay extra for these facilities.

Hotels also compete to provide a variety of swimming pool facilities. Some offer infinity swimming pools, some are indoor, some are outdoor.

Premium TV Channels

A hotel is a place of accommodation, therefore, the facilities provided in the room must be of high quality. First, the mattress and bedding that are given must certainly give the impression of comfort for those who want to rest.

Second is the TV channel provided. In hotels, especially star hotels, usually not only provide local TV channels but also international TV channels.

Spa becomes one of the most common facilities because the spa can refresh and help with the relaxation from the fatigue and busyness of everyday life. The choices are very diverse, some provide Thai-style massage, massage with hot rocks, to massage with chocolate. There are spas which are given free of charge and some charge a fee.

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