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31/07/2022 Author 0

After testing removal, inbound international flight bookings to the US see 93% surge

However, recovery still lags other international travel destinations and pre-pandemic levels

DALLAS (July 20, 2022) – New data released today by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and its partner ForwardKeys on international flight booking trends, reveals the long-awaited recovery of international traveler spending in the US is finally in progress.

According to the research, inbound travelers are returning in droves after the US government dropped the requirement to COVID test before entry.

But while ForwardKeys’ data shows bookings increased by 93% during the past six weeks compared to the same period last year, international spending in the US is still lagging other destinations and is not expected to reach pre-pandemic levels until 2025.

“The spike in inbound bookings validates the US government’s decision to ease travel restrictions by scrapping testing for visitors and returning US citizens – something other economies did long ago,” said Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO.

“The year-over-year improvement is promising, but there is still a way to go for travel to the US At the current rate of recovery, international visitor spending will not reach pre-pandemic levels until

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Employers turn to company-wide vacation to encourage worker well-being

31/07/2022 Author 0

Sometimes, vacation isn’t all that restful — say, when the emails and Slack messages just keep coming, and you can’t help but look, or feel obligated to.

Now, a few companies are offering a new perk to fight burnout and give employees a real break from their work: company-wide holidays when everyone is off at the same time.

Priti Joshi spent a week-long company-wide break this month with her husband and daughter, but she didn’t completely disconnect from work. She tries to unplug by removing Slack and email pop-up notifications. Still, like many professionals, she checks in occasionally for peace of mind and to make sure everything is okay at work.

“When I’m away, I feel like not only am I … refilling my proverbial glass, I kind of am able to get re-energized and just feel ready,” said Joshi, a vice president for online dating app Bumble. “It also helps me to reprioritize the things that we’re working on.

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Pelumi Is The Solo Traveling Nigerian Woman Doing World Travel Her Way

30/07/2022 Author 0
Credit: Pelumi Nubi

At the beginning of my content creation journey, I certainly made the mistake of focusing too much on getting the perfect image or video rather than enjoying my travel experiences. I was prioritizing content creation because my mission is to show people new destinations and inspire them to visit these destinations. However, at the same time, I did not want it to be detrimental to my own travel experiences. I came up with some strategies to help. For example, when I’m trying a dish or a new restaurant, I tend to use the first couple of minutes just to capture content, then spend the rest of my time being there and truly enjoy the experience. Alternatively, I just keep the camera running while I am having conversations with locals or during a particular activity, that way I’m able to simultaneously capture content whilst engaging.

Mostly I try not to post in real time because of safety issues but also it allows me to enjoy the moment and later create the content in a more curated manner. Honestly, it can be tricky constantly juggling the two but implementing these strategies has certainly helped me achieve my goals. I

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