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Where to find modern art in Amsterdam

03/10/2022 Author 0

Amsterdam is more than just the city of sin and pancakes. Did you know that this city is home to many museums? Whether you like art, fashion, or even beer: you will find a museum for you in Amsterdam. This is a historic city, but that doesn’t mean that all you will find is old art from the seventeenth century. There is plenty to do for modern art lovers in Amsterdam. Read along to find out which museums and galleries you must not skip during your next trip to Amsterdam.

Modern art museums in Amsterdam

There are several great museums you can visit for a bit of modern art in this city. Take for instance Stedelijk Museum or Moco Museum, both conveniently situated near Museumplein. This central square is home to many of the cities most important museums. In these modern art museums you will find several exhibitions a year, showcasing modern artists like Banksy, Mark Rothko and Keith Haring. A good excuse to return to Amsterdam after your trip, as you will not want to miss the next exhibition coming up.

More modern art in Amsterdam

For more modern art Amsterdam, take a trip outside of the … Read More