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American Airlines rebooked a family’s vacation tickets — making them leave from another country

16/08/2022 Author 0

A man and his family of nine were set to take a vacation on the island of St. Vincent when he checked his phone app on July 4th and noticed a problem: American Airlines had not only rebooked his flight home to Denver, but had changed the departure location as well. The plane would now be leaving from another country – the island of St. Lucia.

When he told American Airlines this was unacceptable, customer service told him he was in “an overbooked situation,” according to Yahoo!, and that the airlines had informed him of this change in April (by burying it in an email). Re-ticketing the trip would cost him nearly $30,000 and would delay the departure by one week.

from Yahoo!:

Sam Taussig told the broadcaster [Denver7] he was checking the seating arrangements on the airline’s app on July 4 when he realized the flight had been changed from what he booked in January.

“We were flying out of St. Lucia instead of St. Vincent, and I thought that was really strange. It must have been a mistake. The customer service agent said, ‘Yes, I’m sorry, sir. You’re in an overbooked situation, and we

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7 cybersecurity tips for your summer vacation! – Naked Security

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It’s prime vacation season in the Northern Hemipshere, and in some countries, July and August aren’t just months when some people take some days off, but a period of extended family holidays, often involving weeks away from home or on the road.

The good news, of course, is that if you’ve had to work from home over the past two years, you’re probably better informed about outside-the-office cybersecurity than ever.

The bad news, however, is that although working from home generally offers less “IT shelter” than working from work, and has therefore taught a lot of us plenty about cybersecurity that we didn’t know before…

…your home network almost certainly provides much more IT shelter than you’ll get while you’re on the road, especially if you’re bursting to set off on a vacation you’ve been waiting nearly three years to enjoy!

So, we decided to answer the most common travel questions that people either [a] worry about instead of informing themselves before they set off, or [b] don’t think about at all until it’s too late.

Here you are – have fun, but travel safely!

Q1. Should I make a backup before I set it off?

A1. Yes. We suspect

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