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The 25 Best Vacation Spots in the US

02/08/2022 Author 0

One upside to living in a country as large as the United States is the ability to enjoy a wide variety of vacations without even needing a passport. To help you narrow down your choices, US News & World Report compiled a list of America’s best vacation spots, based on a combination of editors’ scores and user input.

Unprisingly, national parks are especially well-represented. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite took the top three spots, respectively, and another four parks made the top 25. So did Bar Harbor, the island town in Maine that, in the words of its official websiteserves as “the gateway to Acadia National Park.”

If your idea of ​​the great outdoors involves a little less hiking and a little more lying on a beach, the US has stellar options for you, too. Hawaii alone has three islands on the list: Maui, Kauai, and Oahu; and Key West, Florida, came in at number 21.

When it comes to urban getaways, the Big Apple may be your best bet. New York City came in 10th place, higher than any other big city on the list. It’s hard to compete with New York’s restaurants, Broadway shows, and general

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These three NYC cats travel the world with their owners

01/08/2022 Author 0

Never mind nine lives. These three globetrotting Manhattan cats are enjoying the high life.

Felines Sponge Cake — a Scottish Fold — and British shorthairs Mocha and Donut have traveled to France and Italy with their owner Dan Nguyen and his wife, Olivia.

But they’re not just hanging out in hotel rooms, or even in carriers. The trio — all 2-year-old males — have posed in front of the Duomo in Milan, seen the Eiffel Tower and even cruised the canals of Venice in a gondola.

And while the idea of ​​taking most cats anywhere might sound crazy, if not impossible,

“We had a few trips planned and we wanted to bring them with us. It was hard to not be with the cats because we consider them our family,” he told The Post. “We know it’s a little untraditional to travel the world with a cat, let alone three, but we love them and they love us, so it doesn’t feel so crazy to us”

Dan Nguyen takes his cats Mocha, Sponge Cake and Donut with him most everywhere — including when the New Yorker visits Times Square.
Olivia Nguyen

To get these house cats ready for the great

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Japan is open to travel. So why aren’t tourists coming back?

01/08/2022 Author 0
That is especially striking in Japan, which reopened to much fanfare in June 2022, just in time for peak travel season. Between June 10 and July 10, the country was welcomed about 1,500 leisure tourists, according to data from Japan’s Immigration Services Agency. That’s down 95% from the same period in 2019, before the pandemic.

So what’s causing the disparity? And why are travelers so slow to return to what has historically been a popular destination?

No safety in numbers

Although Japan is accessible again, the country currently only permits leisure tourists to come in organized groups rather than as individuals. For many in the West, who prefer spontaneity and don’t want to follow a strict itinerary, that issue was a dealbreaker.

“We don’t need to be babysat,” says Melissa Musiker, a New York-based public relations professional who used to travel regularly to Japan.

Musiker and her husband have been to Tokyo “about six times.” The pair had been planning to visit again in 2022 when they heard borders were reopening, but were frustrated by the restrictions and gave up.

Instead, they are opting for a new destination and going to South Korea for their vacation.

“We don’t want to

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