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American Airlines rebooked a family’s vacation tickets — making them leave from another country

16/08/2022 Author 0

A man and his family of nine were set to take a vacation on the island of St. Vincent when he checked his phone app on July 4th and noticed a problem: American Airlines had not only rebooked his flight home to Denver, but had changed the departure location as well. The plane would now be leaving from another country – the island of St. Lucia.

When he told American Airlines this was unacceptable, customer service told him he was in “an overbooked situation,” according to Yahoo!, and that the airlines had informed him of this change in April (by burying it in an email). Re-ticketing the trip would cost him nearly $30,000 and would delay the departure by one week.

from Yahoo!:

Sam Taussig told the broadcaster [Denver7] he was checking the seating arrangements on the airline’s app on July 4 when he realized the flight had been changed from what he booked in January.

“We were flying out of St. Lucia instead of St. Vincent, and I thought that was really strange. It must have been a mistake. The customer service agent said, ‘Yes, I’m sorry, sir. You’re in an overbooked situation, and we

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Disney Offers Global Travel Package To All 12 Of Its Parks At $110,000 – Deadline

16/08/2022 Author 0

As some fans complain about rising ticket prices at its theme parks, Disney is offering what it calls “a bucket list adventure” for 75 well-heeled guests.

Priced at about $110,000 — it’s actually a mere $109.995 — the travel package is called Disney Parks Around the World: A Private Jet Adventure. That package price is per person and based on double occupancy, which means you’re in for about $220,000, unless you pay a “single supplement” fee that starts at $10,995. There are only 75 spots.

The 24-day tour includes private jet travel to all 12 of the company’s parks around the world plus stops at other manmade wonders such as the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower. It also includes a tour of the Lucasfilm Campus and the Walt Disney Studios. Dates for the jaunt are July 9-August 1, 2023, and booking begins next week. Airfare to and from departure and return cities is not included in the cost.

Itinerary for Disney Parks Around The World – A Private Jet Adventure

Throughout the trip, guests will be attended to by three adventure guides, Disney VIPs, Imagineers, cultural experts and other surprise guests.

The private jet

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Manager Who Won’t Let Worker Take Vacation Despite 5 Months Notice Based

01/08/2022 Author 0

A manager is being bashed online for demanding an employee abandon their vacation plans, despite giving 150 days notice they would be out.

The original poster (OP), u/Vect0r5, shared their story this weekend across three posts to the popular r/antiwork Reddit forum, with the final part earning over 13,700 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The story was told via three screenshots of the text message back-and-forth with their manager. in the first post, the manager texts OP to tell them that due to scheduling errors, they were scheduled to work from August 1 to August 4. OP replied saying “absolutely not” as they had put in their PTO request five months ago, saying that should have been enough time for the manager to schedule around them. OP also reminded him that they cut their vacation short last year to help him out.

“I understand but other pto requests were more important due to them being to see family and not a vacation. Please attend the days you are scheduled,” the manager wrote back.

Again, OP reiterated that they had no intention to show up, saying that it’s the manager’s responsibility to figure out the schedule. They added that if there

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