Manager Who Won’t Let Worker Take Vacation Despite 5 Months Notice Based

01/08/2022 Author 0

A manager is being bashed online for demanding an employee abandon their vacation plans, despite giving 150 days notice they would be out.

The original poster (OP), u/Vect0r5, shared their story this weekend across three posts to the popular r/antiwork Reddit forum, with the final part earning over 13,700 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The story was told via three screenshots of the text message back-and-forth with their manager. in the first post, the manager texts OP to tell them that due to scheduling errors, they were scheduled to work from August 1 to August 4. OP replied saying “absolutely not” as they had put in their PTO request five months ago, saying that should have been enough time for the manager to schedule around them. OP also reminded him that they cut their vacation short last year to help him out.

“I understand but other pto requests were more important due to them being to see family and not a vacation. Please attend the days you are scheduled,” the manager wrote back.

Again, OP reiterated that they had no intention to show up, saying that it’s the manager’s responsibility to figure out the schedule. They added that if there

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Why Must We Work So Hard Before Vacation?

29/07/2022 Author 0

Oh, summer. That special time of year when many workers escape their office for travel and time with loved ones—right after they scramble to get a bunch of stuff done before dashing to the airport.

Time off is a treasure, but people often have to work practically twice as hard to prepare for it. There are projects to get ahead on, meetings to have about how to do tasks that you usually handle, requests to field from co-workers who know they soon won’t be able to reach you, and elaborate, choose-your-own- adventure out-of-office replies to write. People can work so intensely in the period leading up to being offline that they need, well, a vacation to recover from it.

The pre-vacation period doesn’t have to play out like this. Jennifer Petriglieri, an organizational-behavior professor at the French business school INSEAD, told me that in the work culture of some countries, such as France and Italy, the week before a vacation is generally not much more stressful than any other. “Of course, there is still the sense that ‘there’s a couple things I want to finish’—there might be a last-minute rush, but nowhere near the same extent as in the US,”

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Carolyn Hax: Sister wants guests at family’s annual beach vacation

28/07/2022 Author 0


Dear Carolyn: My sister and I live in different states but our families spend every Christmas together and take a beach trip to the same beach every year for the past 16 years. These occasions are the highlight of our and our kids’ year. Sometimes the beach is one week, sometimes two. This year it’s one because of college schedules and the soaring cost of vacation rentals.

My sister mentioned that she wanted her best friend (who lives in her same town) to come for a night. I said sure — it will be my sister’s birthday that night as well, and we have one extra bedroom. Then she mentioned that it’s actually her best friend plus the friend’s college friend and his daughter, who are going through some sort of tough time. When I said we wouldn’t have enough bedrooms, she said her best friend planned to camp on the lawn.

I am trying to succinctly identify what about this bothers me most so that I can try to address it, but am struggling. I am pretty sure I can shut down the camping on the lawn, as I’m confident it’s a violation of

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