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Sold out $8 million Disney trip to all 12 theme parks now has a waitlist – Orange County Register

16/08/2022 Author 0

The question of whether any Disney fanatics have $110,000 burning a hole in their pockets for a month-long globetrotting trip around the world to all 12 theme parks has been answered — with the luxury vacation sold out and those who missed out rushing to join the waitlist .

The Disney Parks Around the World vacation package sold out before the trip went on sale to the general public with the 75 available slots snapped up during the presale event.

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Bookings began on June 20 for Adventures by Disney regulars who travel often with the guided tour company. Only about five spots remained by June 24 when members of the exclusive Golden Oak Club in the luxury single-family residential neighborhood at Walt Disney World got their chance to book the trip, according to the Disney Tourist Blog. All available seats on the private jet were sold out before tickets were scheduled to go on sale to the general public on Tuesday, June 28.

The new six-figure, 24-day trip that starts at Disneyland and hits every Disney theme park around the globe offers the 1{6e3d7bc65fdf763d2b626aae98cef28c273230d8cb6c6142a695d2a56537c9c2} looking for the

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The 5 most kid-friendly places in Mexico

27/07/2022 Author 0

From its postcard-perfect beaches to its pre-Columbian archeological sites, there are so many reasons for families to vacation in Mexico – and so many unique things to do.

Does your kid dream of becoming a marine biologist? Try a family snorkeling trip in Puerto Morelos or watch humpback and gray whales from a tour boat in Los Cabos. For future Indiana Joneses, there’s Merida with its Mayan ruins.

Plus, with its delicious cuisine, vibrant culture and kid-friendly mega resortsMexico deserves a spot on your list of family vacation ideas.

Here are our five favorite Mexico vacation spots for families:

1. Merida: Best place to for exploring Mayan ruins

The famed Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, pictured here, and Uxmal are easily visited as day trips from Merida.

The Spanish colonial architecture in Merida is as colorful as a box of crayons and the city’s tree-lined Plaza Grande is its vibrant heart. Each Sunday, the sound of mariachi and marimba bands attract visitors to the Merida en Domingo festivities. Streets are closed to traffic during this cherished Sunday tradition of music, dance and merriment.

Romantic getaways: 10 most romantic Mexico resorts for couples

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida is close to one of the world’s largest Mayan populations and their legacy can be explored at the interactive

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In Portugal, Taking a Dive Into Sardines

23/07/2022 Author 0

All vacation is in some way an observation of other people working while you do not. A stay at a hotel bears witness to maids and hosts; dinner sees chefs, busboys and waiters; an excursion requires a tour guide, a driver, a boat mechanic if you’re lucky. But there’s a peculiarity in going to a working factory to stand on a raised platform watching locals do hard, old-fashioned work, while you escape your own job.

Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, is the capital of one of the country’s major industries, fish canning. Canned sardines are having a moment in the food world. With exquisitely decorated tins, perceived if questionable sustainability and the decadence of being drenched in oil, they’ve earned a dedicated following among youngish people who love them with their whole heart. At Conservas Pinhais e Cia in Matosinhosa fish-canning factory just a few miles from the center of Porto, visitors are invited to see that their new favorite treat is, in fact, a very old operation.

Founded in 1920 by two brothers and two outside partners, Pinhais is considered one of the best tinned-fish purveyors in the saturated Portuguese market. The company’s factory is one of the few

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